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Gettin real tired of your shit Piggy

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Anonymous asked: You are wonderful.

Well thank you! You’re wonderful too, anon :)

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America’s Suitehearts (3/?)

I am getting so fed up with this chapter I have the one after pretty much written out and I have the first half of this next one written and just cannot finish it and I should’ve updated days ago so yknow what I guess I’ll make them two short chapters and post what I’ve got now

Also I got a title after remembering that Fall Out Boy is the answer to everything

Fandom: Lord of the Flies

Pairings: Roger/Maurice

Words: 2666/?

Summary: Multichapter high school AU. “Fine, love might be too strong of a word, but he definitely felt something for him. He’s worth risking a reputation he didn’t ask for in the first place.”

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Actually I just remembered something today there is a Roger/OC I personally like it’s a prequel to a more gen fic and I don’t wanna spoil anything but by the end his character is spot on.

Like it took me forever to read the original story without looking at the summary and just rolling my eyes because it’s better than it sounds and maybe does work just as well as an original story but just ugh I like this story either way okay am I making sense yet

Hale Protocol LOTF Apocaliptica

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(Untitled HS AU) 1/?

Fandom: Lord of the Flies

Pairings: Roger/Maurice

Words: 1054/?

Summary: Multichapter high school AU. “Fine, love might be too strong of a word, but he definitely felt something for him. He’s worth risking a reputation he didn’t ask for in the first place.”

(This is a big risk, cause I’ve actually never finished a single multichapter fic I’ve started. That was years ago though, maybe things will be different now.)

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someone needs to make a lord of the flies texts from last night blog

i might run it with you




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Rogice: A Summary



“Roger and Maurice came out of the forest. They were relieved from duty at the fire and had come down for a swim. Roger led the way straight through the castles, kicking them over, burying the flowers, scattering the chosen stones. Maurice followed, laughing, and added to the destruction.”

but the question is…what were they doing in the forest?

""Ralph—where’s the ship?"

Simon stood by, looking from Ralph to the horizon. Maurice’s trousers gave way with a sigh and he abandoned them as a wreck, rushed toward the forest, and then came back again.”

No ship? Whatever then, quickie with Roger.

"Where’s Maurice?"
Piggy wiped his glass again.
"I expect… no, he wouldn’t go into the forest by himself, would he?" …
"Where’s Bill and Roger?"
Piggy leaned forward and put a fragment of wood on the fire.
"I expect they’ve gone. I expect they won’t play either."

Apparently the question is what weren’t they doing in the forest

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First Kisses

So I found this half finished cute thing on an oldish flash drive I’m not sure why I only had it on there but whatever so I finished it anD HERE MY FIRST NON-ROGER CENTRIC LOTF FIC EVEN THOUGH HE’S STILL THERE AND OBVIOUSLY A FAVORITE BUT YKNOW YOLO ROGER’S THE BEST AT LIFE

Edit: holy fuck how did I not notice the POV it was originally in guys tell me these things fixed never happened nope

Fandom: Lord of the Flies

Pairing: Jack/Simon, slight Roger/Maurice

Words: 682

Summary: Yes, I, Jack Merridew, have never kissed a girl, a fact Roger has been harassing me about since I turned nine a week ago…

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